Get your business ready

Note: Newer information on this topic is available on the Get Ready website page - Get your work ready for an emergency.

Get your


Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, businesses have an obligation to be prepared for an emergency. Put together a Workplace Emergency Plan for your business.

Get your staff ready. Encourage staff to keep essential items they may need at work, including sturdy walking shoes, waterproof jacket, torch, snack food and water.

Get involved in business continuity and emergency plans at industry level. Your plans should cover these areas:

  • How to protect your business assets: staff, equipment, facilities, IT systems, reputation, market share, liquidity, etc.
  • How to protect external service, particularly in support of civil defence emergency management critical activities, such as emergency services and medical facilities.
  • Forecasting and prioritising external demand for your services before an emergency occurs.
  • Cooperative planning with those you depend on so that responsibilities and roles are clearly understood.


This Personal Workplace Emergency Plan will help you plan for an emergency during working hours.

Personal Workplace Emergency Plan (.pdf 124kb)

Personal Workplace Emergency Plan (.docx 87kb)