What’s the Plan Stan?

Note: Newer information on this topic is available on the Get Ready website page - What's the Plan, Stan?.


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What’s The Plan Stan? is a resource for teaching Civil Defence in schools and for kids to learn about disasters.

What’s the Plan Stan seeks to improve awareness and understanding of the hazards we face in New Zealand. It also promotes emergency preparedness in primary and intermediate schools by providing teachers and students with the knowledge and skills to act in a safe manner when a disaster occurs. Students’ increased awareness and understanding may also prompt their parents, families and communities to be better prepared.

What’s the Plan Stan is aimed at:

  • teachers, providing a range of resources to enable them to incorporate disaster awareness and preparedness into teaching and learning approaches
  • school management, assisting with the school’s civil defence emergency management planning processes
  • students and their families, providing relevant information in a format that is interesting, easy to understand and accessible on a dedicated website.

The resource was updated in 2009 to align with the New Zealand Curriculum and copies sent to all primary and intermediate schools.

More information about What's the Plan Stan is available online at www.whatstheplanstan.govt.nz